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Coffee with flavour, people with passion.

What else we offer

Special events: parties, weddings, corporate events; in park settings or at your location

What better way to cater your event than with fresh made premium coffee. We will create rich quality coffee's and other premium beverages at your chosen location. We offer flexible quoting options to suit your needs.

Should you wish to get a quote for your event, please click here and complete the form. One of our team members will be in contact with you shortly.

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What makes us different

Unique Mobile coffee service using only the worlds best products

Pedaling Beans prides itself on its economical approach to the coffee business providing fresh full-bodied coffee in some of the best locations. With our unique coffee bike, we can be anywhere that you need. What makes us different is a great business model that allows us to deliver quality coffee at a very low price. We have a close relationship with our coffee bean supplier which ensures you will always get a premium tasting beverage in the style of your choice. Please visit the link below to learn more about our wonderful coffee supplier.

What we are

The goal is simple: the best coffee at the best price in the best location!

Pedaling Beans is the worlds smallest coffee shop operated by trained baristas who understand the process behind making great coffee. We make great tasting coffee, full and rich (it's all about the coffee). Our roasters source some of the worlds finest beans that are then roasted in the Swan Valley in Western Australia. We are proud to offer 23 different styles of coffee which can be seen on the menu page. 

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