​​​​​Pedaling Beans Coffee

Coffee with flavour, people with passion.

Randall Anderson
Cath Cullinane


The creators of Pedaling Beans Coffee (the worlds smallest fully self-contained coffee shop).

Self confessed coffee snobs & cyclists with inspiration from our travels around the world, they created Pedaling Beans. Randall has many passions in life; coffee, cycling & whiskey just to name a few. With Catherine's creative influence they have combined a unique setup with the highest quality products available at the best price so everyone gets to enjoy a fantastic coffee in stunning locations. With a strong focus on the growth of Pedaling Beans in Australia and oversea the future is looking very bright.

Contact Them


P|  0409 317 258

E| randall@pedalingbeanscoffee.com.au


P| 0418 898 321

E| cath@pedalingbeanscoffee.com.au